Why Volunteer at JFS?

At JFS, we could not possibly deliver more than 700 kosher meals per week to homebound seniors without the kindness and compassion of our corps of dedicated volunteers.

As one of our recipients, DG of Piscataway, states, “Thank you, and the volunteers who deliver the meals. Sometimes they are the only people I get to see that day.”

Allan B., Driver for KMOW and Holocaust Survivors Services, says:

“To give back to the community. I love visiting the people […] I spent a lot of time volunteering and giving my time even before I retired so this is a part of me.”
Allan’s time volunteering at JFS has helped hundreds of individuals most in need. His devotion to delivering a meal to homebound seniors or driving Holocaust Survivors to medical appointments has helped him serve a diverse group of people–with many he now counts as friends.


Rhonda S., KMOW Driver, says:

“I get to feed people. They need their food–and they’re there. They count on me even on the rainy days.”
Rhonda is an insurance actuary who has volunteered with JFS for over 20 years. Throughout the most difficult and happiest moments in her life, she remains committed to showing up for the people in need of meal deliveries.
Special thanks to Rhonda and Allan for their steadfast heart and for making JFS part of your life!

If you would like to volunteer with JFS, email [email protected] to learn more. Don’t have time to volunteer? Donate online to provide meals to homebound seniors or groceries to families in need. Thank you for your continued support and donations!
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