A Celebration Commemorating 50 Years of Proudly Serving Our Community

Medicare Recipients
Brace Yourselves for
Back & Knee Brace Scams

How to Respond
to the Brace Scam

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Volunteers play
a vital Role at JFS
JFS Senior Services -
services for seniors
and their families
JFS Immigration Services
assists immigrants and
refugees from all over
the world
JFS Women’s Center
helps those who need
computer training
Are you 60+ & living
in Middlesex County?

Serving all individuals regardless of race, ethnic origin or religion.


What We Do

Jewish Family Services of Middlesex County (JFS) is a nonprofit organization serving everyone who lives in Middlesex County and the surrounding environs. Jewish Family Services is committed to helping individuals and families realize a fulfilling life experience at home, in the workplace, and in the community by providing effective social services, counseling, and advocacy through responsive, innovative programs.

The agency brings to the community a variety of hands-on, innovative solutions administered by skilled professionals, with the support of a dedicated Board of Trustees and a cadre of energetic volunteers. The services fall into several categories, discussed in detail in the Services section of this Website.