March 2022 Keeping Wellness in Mind

Shifting Our Focus, Mindfully

“We live in uncertain times”
These are words that people have spoken since the beginning of time. The fact remains that uncertain times are a guarantee, though the things that we are concerned about change seemingly almost every day. Whether we are dealing with a war overseas, a pandemic or a myriad of other challenges, we must find ways to cope with daily stress and move forward.
When we are feeling overwhelmed, our best strategy is to focus very mindfully on the tasks where we can make an impact. Think of all the things that are causing you stress and, for now, put aside the ones you cannot do anything about today. Narrow your focus to the moment and the day to devise tasks that change your day. This can be as simple as making a doctor’s appointment to walking outside for 15 minutes more than yesterday. You do not need to change the world today, you simply need to focus on making your day a little better. If you can do this, the good days will add up as will the good habits and you will find that even though you occasionally feel stressed, you will find yourself more equipped to handle it.




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