Keeping Wellness in Mind

Creating Time & Space to Listen to Our Youth

The subject of mental health, especially the mental health of our youth, has become increasingly important. The multiple impacts of the pandemic as well as the normal challenges of growing up have combined to make the current environment one full of many pitfalls.
Youth by nature are incredibly resilient and it is our job as adults to enhance this resilience. The best way to talk to youth is in fact to listen. It is important to talk about difficult subjects, to ask questions before we give suggestions, to make sure that our youth know that no matter what we will keep them safe. As adults, we must know that we do not have to have all the answers, in fact we know we don’t have all the answers for them and for us. The value of knowing that you will be there to support them is greater than any individual answer you can give them. We have the ability and the responsibility to care for youth by speaking to them honestly, listening to them and assisting them in getting whatever help they need as they journey to adulthood.
If you have questions on youth mental health or need more information on JFS mental health services, email [email protected].

Keeping Wellness in Mind – a monthly spotlight to promote wellness.

Each month, JFS Counseling Services highlights practices promoting mental and emotional wellbeing. JFS Counseling Services provides professional behavioral health therapy to assist individuals, couples, and families in addressing life’s challenges. To learn more, visit or call 732-777-1940.

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