Holocaust Survivor Shares Her Story at Teen Symposium

Lois Flamholz, Holocaust survivor, speaks to youth in PA. Image Source: Christopher Dolan, The Times-Tribune, May 2022

Lois Flamholz (94), part of the JFS’ Holocaust Survivor Services Program, shares her harrowing experience of surviving Auschwitz and losing her family during World War II at the 34th Annual Teen Symposium on the Holocaust. This event was organized by the Jewish Federation of Northern Pennsylvania to help younger generations remember those lost and acknowledge the stories of living Holocaust survivors.

It has taken Lois several years to be able to speak about what she went through and to process her grief of losing her parents and siblings at the hands of Nazi soldiers. Despite the grim reality of what it means to be a survivor of genocide, Lois is focused on sharing her story to remind current and future generations to remain vigilant of inhumanity and come together to prevent such events. She notes, “I hope that it will never happen to anybody again, that nobody has to ever go through what I went through.” Lois is an example of resilience and resolve to create a better life. She dedicated her life post-WW-II to building a strong, healthy family and staying active within her community. Though she lost her family at a young age, Lois is committed to having her story, and the lives of her parents’ and siblings’ remembered. Lois is a great-grandmother to fourteen great-grandchildren.

About 200 individuals are served by JFS’ Holocaust Survivors Program which provides survivors with essential services to enable them to age in place with comfort and dignity. As survivors age, costs of medical and home care increase dramatically, your donation will ensure survivors receive the care they need. Thank you for your support!
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