Empowering Seniors in the Fight Against Medicare Fraud

According to estimates from the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association, U.S. taxpayers are losing more than $100 billion a year to Medicare and Medicaid fraud. JFS’ Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP NJ) is part of a national effort to educate and counsel Medicare beneficiaries and their families to “prevent, detect, and report” Medicare fraud, abuse and errors.

This month, JFS’ SMP staff presented a workshop at the Millburn Senior Center to increase awareness of Medicare fraud, a growing problem affecting millions of Americans each year. Participants learned how to recognize common fraud schemes and scams, such as billing for services that were never provided or selling fake medical equipment. They were also taught how to protect themselves from identity theft and how to report suspected fraud to the proper authorities. Seniors were encouraged to seek advice and support if they are being targeted by fraudsters. The workshop emphasized how Medicare fraud can have serious consequences for seniors, both financially and medically. In some cases, fraudulent schemes can even lead to serious health complications or injuries. By staying alert and connected to trusted resources, seniors can help protect themselves and others from these dangers.

To schedule a Medicare Fraud Prevention workshop or to learn how to protect yourself or a family member from Medicare scams, call 732-777-1940 or email [email protected].

Visit the SMP-NJ website at https://seniormedicarepatrolnj.org/ 

Best Practices for Avoiding Scams

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