Senior Adult Daycare/ Elderday

To help enhance the quality of life, cognition, socialization and overall wellness for senior adults, this JFS program provides structured social and therapeutic activities to help participants retain a sense of independence and enjoy life. This is important for all elderly people, they still need to get out of the house and enjoy themselves.

Many seniors living alone have very little company or socialization, meaning that they can become lonely and depressed. This is why it’s important to try and get the elderly engaging with others. Whether that’s through the use of phones for hard of hearing people or through attending sessions like these, the elderly need mental stimulation to keep them entertained. With a specialized phone for those with hearing problems, they will have more options to socialize. Not only can they contact their family easier for help, they can also get into contact with some of their friends. This is one way to reduce their loneliness.

However, there are other ways. For example, Elderday offers adults a place to have fun and communicate with others, whilst being in a safe environment. Sometimes, it can be nice for them to experience different places and activities. Under the watchful eye of the staff, these seniors can enjoy themselves, whilst not worrying their carer. These sorts of daily activities can really impact an elderly person’s day.

Elderday benefits senior adults with cognitive/physical impairments and other age-related disabilities in a safe, supportive group environment. The program provides relief to caregivers and family members who are caring for an elderly loved one in their home, as well as offering the senior a chance to get out of the house, socialize and participate in fun activities with others. Our program stands out from others as it offers a small group setting for more staff attention.

Highland Park Conservative Temple Wednesday & Friday 9AM – 2PM