JFS Middlesex: New Grant Fuels Legal Support for Immigrants

Image, from left to right: Kathy Durante, Executive Director, OceanFirst Foundation; Judith Cavaliere, JFS Business Development Director; Lisa Mason, JFS Executive Administrator and Grant Monitor; and Christopher Maher, Chairman and CEO of OceanFirst Bank and Chairman of OceanFirst Foundation.

Exciting News for 2024! JFS has been awarded a grant from the Ocean First Foundation to enhance our Immigration and Citizenship Services. This funding enables us to expand our vital work in providing affordable legal and support services to asylees, refugees, and legal permanent residents.

New Jersey, home to the fifth largest immigrant population in the U.S., welcomes individuals seeking a fresh start and a brighter future. JFS recognizes the importance of accessible immigration support, and the Ocean First Foundation grant will assist us in offering low-cost legal aid for work authorization, legal permanent residence, and citizenship applications, as well as supporting outreach and staff training. This investment empowers individuals on their journey to a better life and strengthens the fabric of our diverse society.

Many using JFS Immigration and Citizenship Services come from low or moderate-income backgrounds, emphasizing our commitment to inclusivity. JFS immigration clients hail from diverse countries reflecting the rich tapestry of cultures contributing to New Jersey’s vibrant mosaic.

Heartfelt thank you to the Ocean First Foundation for their generous support, recognizing the importance of fostering a welcoming environment for immigrants. Together, we will build bridges, break barriers, and create pathways for a brighter, more inclusive future. To sponsor low-cost legal services for legal permanent residents, please donate online today. Thank you!

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