Celebrate Valentine’s Day: Feed a Family in Need

Valentine’s Day was originally known as a feast day and many of us celebrate by (over)indulging in sweet treats and fancy dinners with partners or friends. But not everyone is so fortunate. There are many families in our area that do not have enough to eat, who count on food pantries like ours to help during rough times. The JFS Kosher Food Pantries support the most vulnerable groups, families with young children and individuals in crisis, who need help when faced with unemployment, poor health, transportation issues, and more.
When it comes to food security and healthy eating, the JFS Kosher Food Pantries fill the gap for so many families from all different backgrounds. In 2021, our Kosher Food Pantry served 2,125 individuals (493 families) and handed out 3,498 bags of kosher food.
Each bag of food means that a family in need will have meals for the week. Please help us keep the food pantries stocked. To make a donation or arrange a food drop-off email [email protected] or call 732-777-1940.
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