Discover the Benefits of Giving Wisely

Your generous gift is a tax-deductible donation, which will allow us to direct funds where they are most urgently needed; it will help counsel troubled families, support the elderly, feed the hungry, assist people women in transition, guide an immigrant to citizenship, empower survivors…and so much more. You can feel confident you are putting your money where it does the most good.

The work we do is made possible through the generosity of countless donors, foundations and organizations who join JFS in our mission to transform the lives of those living in need in our community. Each contribution enables us to continue to provide vital programs and services to provide “A Lifetime of Support” to many people in our community each year.

Major Gifts & Endowments

Donations of all sizes help ensure the future of JFS. Donations over $5,000 are considered major gifts. Major gifts can be made in support of our facilities, programs, or services and are essential to our long-term success and ability to serve all those in need-now and for years to come.

JFS has a variety of major gift options available. We offer individualized giving plans designed to meet your philanthropic goals and areas of interest. From helping the agency in general or endowing a specific program in perpetuity, your gift will make a difference in the lives of our clients, volunteers and professional staff.

We are fortunate that throughout our agency’s history, many donors have decided to contribute to the JFS. This helps fund our agency meet emergency needs, making money available for new programs and supporting innovative solutions to the needs of our community. For more information, call our office (732) 777-1940.

Planned Giving

You can help meet your long term financial, tax and estate planning objectives, while continuing your support for vulnerable members of our community. This can be done through a trust, estate, or life insurance policy. If you plan to leave a donation in your will, it makes sense to contact an elder law attorney Michigan situated, or wherever is local to you, who can advise you on the process. If you have an existing life insurance policy you can contact your provider to amend the policy and name JFS as a beneficiary of the policy. Otherwise, you can visit this site amongst others to find a suitable life insurance policy you can use to donate money to the JFS. Other types of planned giving options for you might include charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, and bequests that will meet your needs while supporting the many people JFS services. For more information, please call our office (732) 777-1940.

Private Family Foundations

Private Family Foundation support is an important resource for JFS. Grants from these foundations support all of our services, through programs that reach families, individuals and older adults each year. Grants can be given for general operating support or can be designated for support of a particular JFS program or project. For more information, please call our office (732) 777-1940.

Corporate Giving

At JFS, we are very fortunate to have many caring friends in the business community who believe that supporting people in need is an investment worth making. This is the heart of JFS: people touching people, reaching out to nurture lives filled with dignity, meaning and joy.

JFS will work with corporations of all types, sizes and industries in structuring collaborative alliances with our agency, in order meet the strategic goals of all participants. Corporations and local businesses have partnered with JFS in the past through philanthropic support, sponsoring an event or donating products and services. For more information, please call 732-777-1940.