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CAMEO Senior Nutrition Program (Challenging Adult Minds and Energizing Ourselves)

This senior adult nutrition program combines program activities with a Glatt kosher lunch.  In addition to providing stimulating activities, interesting programs, talks by experts and entertainment, an important part of the program is nutrition. The meals don’t just provide necessary nutrition to the seniors who attend. They provide a community. Seniors gather together, eat together, share stories and build friendships. The CAMEO program is open to senior adults aged 55+ who want to socialize, be entertained, participate in games, exercise and more. The program runs from two locations, Highland Park and Monroe Township. Transportation is available on a limited basis. Participants must register. Call for program hours.

APRIL 2019 Highland Park CAMEO Calendar

APRIL 2019 Monroe CAMEO Calendar

FEBRUARY 2019 Highland Park CAMEO Calendar

FEBRUARY 2019 Monroe CAMEO Calendar

JANUARY 2019  Highland Park CAMEO Calendar

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